Thursday 1 August 2013

An 8-week Programme of Love, Passion, Intimacy, Romance and Sex

We enter into relationships with the hope and expectation of lifelong intimacy and bliss. Over time, however, the frequency of romance and sex invariably diminishes. Such is the case with all relationships but does it have to be that way? Not so, according to the authors of the Passion & Pleasure programme.

Twenty of the most world-renowned intimacy experts have contributed to this programme, which sets out to guide couples along the golden path of experiencing long-lasting intimate relationship bliss. Heading up this team are Bravo's L.A. Shrinks star Dr. Ava Cadell, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus author Dr. John Gray and Australian sexologist Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey.

"Passion and Pleasure has been designed to enable couples to re-establish, maintain, and increase the passion in their relationships ... [it] ... has the potential to vastly improve the relationships and sex lives of those who use it," says Tracey Jewel author of Godess Within. She co-founded the programme, with her partner Malcolm Day, in a bid to to offer couples the most incredible love life imaginable. The fruit of their quest, to create the most passionate relationship possible for themselves, is something they now want to share with others.

Watch this video, in which celebrity couple Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison set out to build a more robust and superior relationship, under the expert guidance of relationship therapist, Dr. Ava Cadell.

"We all know that when couples first meet they want to have sex multiple times a day and simply can't get enough of each other, but as time goes by, the frequency of sex and intimacy generally diminishes," says Malcolm Day.

The 8-week program includes "exclusive videos, homework 'playsheets' (not worksheets!), product lessons and direct access via online live chats with the experts." The program kicks off on Monday, August 19, 2013 and covers hot topics that promise to get the blood pumpin.

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