Thursday 5 December 2013

No More Sleepless Nights

Sleep disorders affect people in various ways and with varying degrees of intensity. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body that is also found in plants and other animals. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that has been observed to help regulate and control the human biological clock in several areas, most notably, that of sleep.

As well as being naturally occurring, is also available in dietary supplement form - the most common form in which people buy melatonin.

Melatonin is considered safe to use, at least when taken in low doses over short periods. Adverse side effects that have been reported are few: some users who take melatonin to combat sleeplessness report vivid dreaming as a result.

You can buy melatonin in most jurisdictions without a medical prescription. Indeed, factors limiting its availability are more often not due to legal restrictions, as much as lack of consumer awareness. Outside of the United States, where it can be bought over the counter, the easiest way to obtain the supplement is often from overseas distributors, via the internet.

You can buy melatonin online, from many websites and have it safely dispatched to your home, regardless of which jurisdiction you live in.

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